25 weeks today!

25 weeks preggers today- 15 weeks (give or take) left!

I have signed up for 2 classes- Breastfeeding 101 and also a Newborn Safety class… both are 3 hour classes through our hospital… and include gifts! 🙂 Speaking of our hospital- we had a tour last week of the maternity ward- delivery rooms and recover rooms- I was impressed and it made me more excited, but also more nervous- made it more real to see all the equipment, etc. And to see 3 brand new new born babies in the nursery when we walked by! Good Sam is a REALLY good hospital and to my suprise- one of only 3 in the NKY/Cincy area that is a Level 3 hospital (St. E is only a level 2.) Which means- they have the technology and staff to handle REALLY premature babies.

This weekend I shopped with my parents and they were nice enough to buy me several things I needed in terms of maternity wear- a lot of it I was putting off, or just going to get by on what I already had… but I got a nice skirt for work, a jean skirt, 2 pairs of bermuda shorts, a pair of jeans, capris (all for maternity), and then a few shirts too! I just can’t wait to start wearing it all but this wear SUCKS!!!!!

Apparently Mackenzie is about 1.5 pounds now (give or take) and 13 inches.

Also- we are getting a 3D/4D ultrasound- I just need to schedule it- for sometime in May


24 weeks down, 16 to go

More than halfway there it’s crazy!! I feel like time has flown, especially the last 2 months because I haven’t felt sick or anything, and really just feel like my normal self so it doesn’t even seem like I am pregnant, minus the fact that I have a baby bump starting to grow 😉 I do get nervous because at this point I still don’t feel too much movement- but they said that is normal… I just have to start worrying at 28 weeks on if I don’t feel her. And at 28 weeks I have to start measuring how much she moves each day.

Also at 28 weeks lucky me gets to take that test to see if I have gestational diabetis- yucky I don’t want to drink that nasty stuff! I really hope I don’t get it… that would suck!!

I just want to know what Mackenzie is going to look like- I can’t wait 16 more weeks haha I mean I know I have to but man, I HATE WAITING!!!!!!!! I also hate the fear of the unknown, so that makes me even more of a nervous wreck…. still have like 2 more months til my baby showers too                   😦 Booooo lol-

Sorry so negative! I really am happy this pregnancy has been easy minus the 12 weeks of sickness and nausea haha- no huge problems and she has been healthy each doctor’s trip. We go and tour the maternity ward on Wed- should be exciting! haha

Mixed Emotions

So I have really mixed emotions about this whole baby thing and have for a long time- I wonder if others are the same?

I am SO excited for her to be here… and can’t wait another whole 4 months!! I want to know what she will look like, who she will take after… her traits in personality, etc. I just want to meet her.

The other part of me is still being selfish- dreading the lack of sleep… the pain (physical and emotional) of breastfeeding, etc. Part of me just wants it to be me and Danny and the puppies forever… because I know of nothing else- I think it is fear of the future/change honestly. Plus the waiting for it to happen is a little brutal- like you know it’s coming ultimately… you just have to sit and wait…. I know this sounds horrible selfish of me- but it’s just the emotions I’m feeling right now.

Ultimately, I am hoping everyone is right- once the new baby comes into your life- yes it’s hard- but so worth it, and you can’t ever imagine your life without them ever again. And it’s so worth it that most people do it again and again haha.

Baby Bump…

I finally posted a picture of my “baby bump” on Facebook yesterday. I’ve been taking them for myself each week but not sharing. Mainly because I didn’t feel I even looked pregnant. But yesterday 2 people at my work pointed it out to me that it was much more noticable…. sooooo I guess it’s time haha.

I’m going to start reading out loud at night in hopes that Mackenzie can at least hear my voice. I’ve heard from friends, and read studies that by doing this, they get familiar with not only your voice- but if you read the same book every night- they may calm down when they are crying if you read that to them after they are born. I’ve also heard the same for music- play the same song to your belly, and then when they are born play that when they are upset they will calm down…… so we’ll see 🙂

I feel behind like I should be doing something…. but we registered, we have a name…. and we really don’t want to buy too much until after our showers so the nursery won’t be done til May sometime… I guess in the meantime I need to schedule a hospital tour, a baby class/breastfeeding class, and pick a pediatrician….

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks pregnant as of yesterday- it has actually gone pretty quickly! It seems like not very long ago Danny and I were still keeping it a secrtet from everyone until Christmas! I am so happy I feel like my normal self again, I was so sick week 6-13. Lost weight because of it- which worried me but doctor said it was normal. Now I am back to normal and on the weight gain train… it feels odd not caring if I gain weight- my only hope is that I can lose it quickly after birth- especially since I am planning on breastfeeding.

I am worried about breastfeeding- I know it’s the best thing for the baby… I am just worried about the pain. So hopefully it isn’t too awful.

It’s funny loving something before you even meet it. It’s an odd feeling. I am also having mixed feelings- part of me wants time to hurry up so she’ll be here… and part of me wants time to slow down so I can enjoy the last moments of freedom, sleeping, etc….