21 weeks

I am 21 weeks pregnant as of yesterday- it has actually gone pretty quickly! It seems like not very long ago Danny and I were still keeping it a secrtet from everyone until Christmas! I am so happy I feel like my normal self again, I was so sick week 6-13. Lost weight because of it- which worried me but doctor said it was normal. Now I am back to normal and on the weight gain train… it feels odd not caring if I gain weight- my only hope is that I can lose it quickly after birth- especially since I am planning on breastfeeding.

I am worried about breastfeeding- I know it’s the best thing for the baby… I am just worried about the pain. So hopefully it isn’t too awful.

It’s funny loving something before you even meet it. It’s an odd feeling. I am also having mixed feelings- part of me wants time to hurry up so she’ll be here… and part of me wants time to slow down so I can enjoy the last moments of freedom, sleeping, etc….


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