Baby Bump…

I finally posted a picture of my “baby bump” on Facebook yesterday. I’ve been taking them for myself each week but not sharing. Mainly because I didn’t feel I even looked pregnant. But yesterday 2 people at my work pointed it out to me that it was much more noticable…. sooooo I guess it’s time haha.

I’m going to start reading out loud at night in hopes that Mackenzie can at least hear my voice. I’ve heard from friends, and read studies that by doing this, they get familiar with not only your voice- but if you read the same book every night- they may calm down when they are crying if you read that to them after they are born. I’ve also heard the same for music- play the same song to your belly, and then when they are born play that when they are upset they will calm down…… so we’ll see 🙂

I feel behind like I should be doing something…. but we registered, we have a name…. and we really don’t want to buy too much until after our showers so the nursery won’t be done til May sometime… I guess in the meantime I need to schedule a hospital tour, a baby class/breastfeeding class, and pick a pediatrician….


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