24 weeks down, 16 to go

More than halfway there it’s crazy!! I feel like time has flown, especially the last 2 months because I haven’t felt sick or anything, and really just feel like my normal self so it doesn’t even seem like I am pregnant, minus the fact that I have a baby bump starting to grow 😉 I do get nervous because at this point I still don’t feel too much movement- but they said that is normal… I just have to start worrying at 28 weeks on if I don’t feel her. And at 28 weeks I have to start measuring how much she moves each day.

Also at 28 weeks lucky me gets to take that test to see if I have gestational diabetis- yucky I don’t want to drink that nasty stuff! I really hope I don’t get it… that would suck!!

I just want to know what Mackenzie is going to look like- I can’t wait 16 more weeks haha I mean I know I have to but man, I HATE WAITING!!!!!!!! I also hate the fear of the unknown, so that makes me even more of a nervous wreck…. still have like 2 more months til my baby showers too                   😦 Booooo lol-

Sorry so negative! I really am happy this pregnancy has been easy minus the 12 weeks of sickness and nausea haha- no huge problems and she has been healthy each doctor’s trip. We go and tour the maternity ward on Wed- should be exciting! haha


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