25 weeks today!

25 weeks preggers today- 15 weeks (give or take) left!

I have signed up for 2 classes- Breastfeeding 101 and also a Newborn Safety class… both are 3 hour classes through our hospital… and include gifts! 🙂 Speaking of our hospital- we had a tour last week of the maternity ward- delivery rooms and recover rooms- I was impressed and it made me more excited, but also more nervous- made it more real to see all the equipment, etc. And to see 3 brand new new born babies in the nursery when we walked by! Good Sam is a REALLY good hospital and to my suprise- one of only 3 in the NKY/Cincy area that is a Level 3 hospital (St. E is only a level 2.) Which means- they have the technology and staff to handle REALLY premature babies.

This weekend I shopped with my parents and they were nice enough to buy me several things I needed in terms of maternity wear- a lot of it I was putting off, or just going to get by on what I already had… but I got a nice skirt for work, a jean skirt, 2 pairs of bermuda shorts, a pair of jeans, capris (all for maternity), and then a few shirts too! I just can’t wait to start wearing it all but this wear SUCKS!!!!!

Apparently Mackenzie is about 1.5 pounds now (give or take) and 13 inches.

Also- we are getting a 3D/4D ultrasound- I just need to schedule it- for sometime in May


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