Lots going on! :)

So I am at 28.5 weeks and still feeling pretty good- upper/middle back ache more frequent now but still sleeping good.

Had my appointment today to check my iron and glucose- passed the iron, and as long as I don’t hear from them in the next 2 days, I passed the glucose too. The glucose drink wasn’t terrible it just wasn’t great. Mackenzie’s heartbeat was strong and I am measuring normally.

So good stuff happening! First, the smallest- I won a free copy of Season 1 of the Walking Dead on DVD from Citybeat!

Second- I have my 3D ultrasound this Saturday now at 1pm- I am soooo super excited to see what our baby looks like! Danny, my parents, and his mom are coming with me. We get a 30 minute session, with a DVD of the session and CD with the pics, and then 6 printed pics of it too.

Third- I also won a free maternity photo shoot with Tracie Jean Photography for May 1 at 4pm! I am hoping they get some good shots so I can someday show Mackenzie how much we loved her even before she was born…  I get the free session with a DVD of my shots… and I get to be in their maternity calendar for next yr!

So lots of free stuff these days which is good since I need to save money for this baby who is already spoiled 😉

Looking forward to Easter on Sunday- will be the last Easter that I am not an official Mom… (even though yes I do plan on celebrating Mother’s Day this yr)


6 months today! 3 months to go!

So today I am 6 months pregnant, 3 months til my due date- which, we all know can be off so I’ll say- give or take 3 months 😉 I keep feeling like I will go late- like a week late- not sure why… we’ll see-

I have a doctor’s appointment Friday- love those because as long as I hear the heartbeat I know she’s ok for the time being- I am such a worry wart! It is good because she’s been moving a lot more these days- especially in the mornings. Love feeling that because again- I know she is ok.

At my doc appointment Friday is when I take the glucose test- I hope it all turns out fine… that would suck to have gestational diabetes 😦 Anyone have this?

I’m excited my first baby shower is in another month! 🙂 I already got my first gift from my friend Katherine who can’t make it- she got me this: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4175571

I am also working on throwing out any clothes I no longer wear (pre-pregnancy ones I know I didn’t wear when I wasn’t pregnant)… and cleaning up the room we’re using as the nursery- we aren’t buying anything for the nursery til after our showers so we’re not wasting money… but I am trying to get what I can done in there. It’s a small room so there won’t be TOO much to do.

26 weeks… time is dragging already :(

Ok I am not a very patient person by nature- my family and even some of my friends can attest to this haha…. so the thought of 14 more weeks until Mackenzie arrives is getting a little unbearable! It isn’t that I am in pain or uncomfortable- I actually feel great… it’s more that I know that it’s coming and it’s the fear of the unknown that I have to deal with for 14 more weeks…. it’s also the fact that the whole month of April and some of May… I really won’t need to DO anything except a doctor’s appointment…

Until my showers on May 15 and May 29, I can’t really decorate the nursery (we are waiting to buy anything until we see what everyone else gets us…) and then I don’t have my safety class and breastfeeding class til June… and so I am just getting anxious, bored, etc. I think about time way too much anyway (even before pregnancy) so I just need something to keep me distracted (and work isn’t cutting it lol.)

And yes, I know everyone who IS a mom is going to tell me “enjoy this time of being pregnant getting sleep, enjoying being a couple a little while longer”… but again, it’s more the anxious fear of the unknown that is driving me insane lol… I am for sure enjoying my sleep and my alone time!