26 weeks… time is dragging already :(

Ok I am not a very patient person by nature- my family and even some of my friends can attest to this haha…. so the thought of 14 more weeks until Mackenzie arrives is getting a little unbearable! It isn’t that I am in pain or uncomfortable- I actually feel great… it’s more that I know that it’s coming and it’s the fear of the unknown that I have to deal with for 14 more weeks…. it’s also the fact that the whole month of April and some of May… I really won’t need to DO anything except a doctor’s appointment…

Until my showers on May 15 and May 29, I can’t really decorate the nursery (we are waiting to buy anything until we see what everyone else gets us…) and then I don’t have my safety class and breastfeeding class til June… and so I am just getting anxious, bored, etc. I think about time way too much anyway (even before pregnancy) so I just need something to keep me distracted (and work isn’t cutting it lol.)

And yes, I know everyone who IS a mom is going to tell me “enjoy this time of being pregnant getting sleep, enjoying being a couple a little while longer”… but again, it’s more the anxious fear of the unknown that is driving me insane lol… I am for sure enjoying my sleep and my alone time!



2 thoughts on “26 weeks… time is dragging already :(

  1. She will be here before you know it! I remember those last couple of weeks were the worse for waiting. I think I cried every day from excitement, nervousness and I was terrified of a csection! But, the day came and I was calm and ready all of a sudden! 😛

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