6 months today! 3 months to go!

So today I am 6 months pregnant, 3 months til my due date- which, we all know can be off so I’ll say- give or take 3 months 😉 I keep feeling like I will go late- like a week late- not sure why… we’ll see-

I have a doctor’s appointment Friday- love those because as long as I hear the heartbeat I know she’s ok for the time being- I am such a worry wart! It is good because she’s been moving a lot more these days- especially in the mornings. Love feeling that because again- I know she is ok.

At my doc appointment Friday is when I take the glucose test- I hope it all turns out fine… that would suck to have gestational diabetes 😦 Anyone have this?

I’m excited my first baby shower is in another month! 🙂 I already got my first gift from my friend Katherine who can’t make it- she got me this: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4175571

I am also working on throwing out any clothes I no longer wear (pre-pregnancy ones I know I didn’t wear when I wasn’t pregnant)… and cleaning up the room we’re using as the nursery- we aren’t buying anything for the nursery til after our showers so we’re not wasting money… but I am trying to get what I can done in there. It’s a small room so there won’t be TOO much to do.


2 thoughts on “6 months today! 3 months to go!

  1. Love the cart cover! Those are great.. Norah is at the age where anything near her must be licked or go in her mouth..so we def use them so that nasty grocery cart handle doesn’t get licked lol!
    I didn’t think the glucose test was very bad.. so I wouldn’t worry! It wasn’t ideal, but not horrible! I thought the flavor wasn’t that be either lol..maybe it was a crazy pregnancy thing!
    I already told ya on FB, but Happy 6 months!

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