30 weeks- less than 10 to go!!!!

So on Monday, I reached the 30 week mark! 10 weeks to go give or take a few days less or more!

Since the last time I posted, I participated in a pregnant flash mob, which as you know I’ve shared the link a thousand times on Facebook- thanks again to everyone who has shared it! It was such a fun experience, and now I have something I can show Mackenzie when she gets a little older. I also got maternity photos taken, which I should have them back soon! I think they got some great shots 🙂 Another way to help Mackenzie see how much we loved her even before she was born.

I have been feeling her move a lot more- especially feeling a hard bump poke out on my right side of stomach which I think is her butt, because she is head down. It’s such a funny strange feeling- makes me laugh. Sometimes I just look at my stomach and it is moving and it’s so awesome.

Had an appointment yesterday- they are starting to be really uneventful- which I guess is better than having a bunch of problems… but it just feels like such a waste of gas (takes 30 min to get there) and time (30 min wait in lobby, 20 min wait to see doctor) and then when the doc comes in she says “Blood pressure and weight look good” she listens to heart beat “sounds good”…. “any problems or concerns?”  I say “No” she says “ok see you in 2 weeks”! Soooo I know the appointments are needed to monitor BP and heart and stuff… I just wish they consisted of more! I have to keep going every 2 weeks for the same thing until I have a month left, and then it’s every week- which should get more interesting because then they measure to see how dialated I am, etc.

My showers are so soon which is exciting! Can’t wait to share this moment with my family and friends! I have one on May 15 and one on May 29 :):) And then my work is throwing me one during lunch on June 8 (also my 4 yr wedding anniversary.) I feel loved 🙂 I really appreciate it!

My back has been starting to hurt more- like my upper/mid back I think from the weight gain… I’ve gained 20 pounds now… I only wanted to gain 25, so I guess that is out the window because apparently you gain 1 pound every week til the end- which would take me to 30 pounds total…. meaning I need to lose 30 pounds of baby weight to get back to pre-baby body, AND then I wanted to lose weight pre-baby anyway (like 20 pounds)- so my goal after Mackenzie is born is to lose 50 pounds which sounds damn near impossible lol…. yikes!!!! I better enjoy eating yummy food while I can!!


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