32 weeks!!

So yesterday was the start of 32 weeks! As I keep telling people, I bet I have between 6-10 weeks left depending on when she makes her appearance- 8 weeks til my due date. I am hoping to go right around the due date or up to a week after… I don’t want to be early though.

I had my first baby shower on Sunday May 15! It was awesome! So many friends were there and my bff Missy Davis did an AMAZING job planning it all and decorating it all and got great food and the cutest cake and she really just went above and beyond! She also got me an amazing gift (which she didn’t have to do) with her mom…. my jungle time playmat 🙂 Also a big thank you to Rachel Doan, Stacey Gripshover, Jane Swain and my mom for helping to decorate and clean up! I got tons of cute clothes for Mackenzie, a lot of great stuff for bathtime, fun toys, etc. My mother in law and sis in law Courtney got our bedding set for us. My mom got me a ton of stuff and is also getting our glider and changing table! I already sent out my thank you cards too 🙂

Last night we got a GREAT deal at Babies R Us for a crib originally $300 got it for $100- by using a 20% off coupon, some gift cards, and store credit. So now we just need to find a cheap dresser that somewhat matches, and then we will have all the furniture for her room ready 🙂 Still a lot of other big items left on the registry so we’ll see how that goes at my next shower! We have a ton of 20% off coupons so we’ll be using those on the bigger items that don’t get bought. We also bought our first box (192 count) of Pampers Swaddlers 8-12 pounds last night and some wipes 😉 First of many I’m sure haha. We also bought a new ceiling fan for her room (not that we plan on using a fan on her for a long time, but the one in there now is ugly and doesn’t put off much light.)

I am feeling her move A TON now- not so much kicks, but like rolls and squirms- it’s funny- like I know she is getting cramped and I can feel it haha… I think they said babies at 32 weeks are usually right around 4 pounds. It’s hard to imagine I have a 4 pound living creature inside me haha.

I am feeling a little more organized now that we finally got some actual baby items in her room- but now I have to organize them all once we get the furniture in there 😉 I also need to finish reading my What to Expect when Expecting book and START reading my What to Expect- the first year book. One more baby shower May 29, and one thrown by my work on June 8… and then 2 classes through the hospital in June… and then it’s just a waiting game til she’s here!


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