6 more weeks!

6 more weeks to go! Feel like it’s dragging yet flying- it’s a weird feeling haha. I think it’s all still tied to the fact that 1) I am SO excited to meet with baby girl but 2) I am SO nervous and scared about so many things (labor, pain, no sleep, not being a good mom, etc.) I do feel better as the days go on because we’re getting more and more organized with her room and everything she’ll need.

We had my family’s baby shower for me on Sunday- it was so nice! My sis in laws did so much for it, along with my Aunt and mother in law, etc. My sis in law Kara made this AMAZING diaper cake which had soooo much stuff in it (diapers, burp cloths, onsies, bibs, bottles, toys, etc.) She also made these awesome Cake Pops that everyone loved- I told her she needs to go in the shower planning business! Or at least sell some stuff for showers 🙂 I don’t know how to re-pay her for all she’s done!! We got so many clothes and let me tell you- Mackenzie may be the most stylish baby ever due to all the cute stuff from these showers!

We also have most of our big items now, because we already bought the crib and dresser, and my mom got us our glider and changing table. His mom got us our bedding set, and his mom/gma/aunts got us our stroller/car seat combo… my Aunt and her daughters/daughter in laws got us a gift card which we used to get out Pack n Play. So we have most of the big item things- just need our monitors, and then smaller stuff like a boppy, safety stuff, more bottles, crib and pack n play sheets, etc.

I need to start my thank you cards now for the shower on Sunday and for people who’ve given me things outside of showers. I feel so truly blessed by all the love I’ve felt these past few months from everyone. I don’t know how to re-pay everyone other than saying THANK YOU. Danny and I are so much more prepared now than we were just a few months ago thanks to all of our family and friends.


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